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    Top Secret: Is Charlie An Alien?



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The following is a work of fiction. All names, characters, incidents, and places are either the product of the authors' imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, business enterprises, or locales is entirely coincidental.


It was just past sunset, and Jim Steele had retired indoors after a long day’s work. His house was situated on a farm in a remote part of South Dakota. Famished, he stepped into the kitchen to soothe his hunger pangs before retiring for the night. He turned on the burner to heat some pasta and tomato sauce while setting the table. It was Halloween night, but he hadn’t bothered with any decorations or treats. For the past four years not a single soul had come to his door, so it was unlikely that anyone would show up. He turned off the burners and placed the food onto his plate.

He had just seated himself when a peculiar sound caught his attention. Could it be a trick-or-treater, Jim thought? He proceeded towards the front door and looked through the peephole, but no one was there. He found this odd, but returned to the dinner table.

Again, he was startled by the same rattle. As he stood up, Jim caught a glimpse of four small peculiar figures from his kitchen window, dressed in spacesuits. They headed towards the back of his house. Jim let out a chuckle, wondering why the children were heading to the back door instead of the front. Right away, he knew they were up to something.

Still with a beer in his hand, he opened the back door and called out to them, but they were out of hearing range. They ran so swiftly that Jim was taken aback, and fervently tried catching up to them. Little rascals, he thought. The wind nipped through his light clothing. Before reaching the barn, he caught a glimpse of something flying over the barn onto the other side. He rubbed his eyes, dismissing what he had just seen. After all, it was dark outside and he was quite exhausted. Upon reaching the barn, Jim felt winded. Taking a peek inside first, Jim cautiously entered thinking that perhaps the youngsters were playing a practical joke. Was their game plan to try and spook him or were they simply playing hide and seek? His eyes darted across several bales of straw, farm equipment, and then his gaze shot up right to the rafters, but they remained elusive. Perplexed, he remained pensive for a moment. Jim recalled all the silly games his friends and himself used to play when they were young.

He yelled out, “Okay – it is time to come out, I saw you guys. It’s dangerous to even be in here, so come out at once!” Jim warned. An eerie silence followed. So Jim looked in every nook and cranny, but there was still no sign of them. He then looked out the barn’s back door, and was nearly blinded by an intense light. “Hey guys, cut the lights, you’re blinding me!” Jim shielded his eyes with both hands, and even tried squinting, but the brightness prevented him from seeing ahead. Just then the lights seemed to have dimmed somewhat. “What are you four little devils up to?” he yelled, hoping to scare them. Just as he was about to holler another warning, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Jim’s eyes bulged wider than the eight large pupils before him. Utterly shocked, he could only maintain a blank stare. Jim continued to stare, trying to understand what he was seeing. The figures bounced up and down, doing mind boggling somersaults. Then it finally clicked. They were not at all Hallowe’en tricksters, but aliens.

They floated inches from the ground,moving in every direction with little effort. Their eyes protruded out like saucers. One of them, apparently too frightened, bounced towards the strong light. The light dimmed a fraction as a door opened. Jim was able to see more clearly. It was a spacecraft. The ship too was suspended a few feet from the ground. One by one, the three figures joined their friend back to the spacecraft. “Sweet Jesus, they’re aliens!” Still in shock, Jim stood immobilized.

A few moments later, once the initial shock wore off, he had the good sense of running back to his home to grab his camera. Upon returning, the spaceship was still hovering, and the aliens were still moving about. This was a chance in a lifetime. Jim fervently snapped photos. Without any proof, not a soul in the world would believe him.

Then without any warning, everything vanished. It happened so quickly that Jim continued snapping photos unaware that the aliens had disappeared. The only remaining evidence, other than his photos, was a large circular indentation in the soil caused by the hovering spacecraft. Jim snapped a couple of more photos.

He waited around, but they did not return. Jim headed back indoors. He was too wound to go straight to bed. He still couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed, and Jim reviewed the photos as assurance that he was not losing his mind. Without such evidence, no one would believe a word he said. He knew once the story broke out it would make international headlines. Jim tried remaining calm.

He stepped into his study, walked over to his laptop, inserted the SD memory card into the printer and printed off each photo. He made duplicate copies of each. He placed the photos along with the memory card into a large envelope. Feeling overwhelmed, Jim went upstairs to get some shut eye. It then dawned on him that this could turn into a profitable venture. In the morning he would call the press. Soon Jim fell asleep with the envelope on a night table next to his bed.

Jim woke up bright and early. He looked inside the envelope again, just for reassurance. The evidence stood in plain view. Satisfied, Jim went downstairs with envelope in hand. He placed the envelope on an end table near the door, so he wouldn’t forget it on his way out. It would take less than an hour to reach the press, so he opted to have some breakfast before leaving. After pouring some milk in his bowl of cereal, Jim looked up the number to The Peoples newspaper. He picked up his cell and dialed their number. “Hi, my name is Jim and I have something which I’m sure you’ll find quite interesting.”

“Just a minute, I’ll transfer you to the editor,” a lady informed.

“This is Mike, how may I help you?”

“Hi my name is Jim and I have something very interesting, something out of the ordinary. I also have proof to substantiate my story.”

“Okay, I’m interested in hearing more,” Mike stated.

“Last night I saw the most incredible thing. At first I thought someone was playing a practical joke, but then I realized they were the real thing. I’m sure you’ve heard of people reporting strange sightings, well last night I saw four extra-terrestrials. I can assure you that I’m not putting you on, nor were they Hallowe’en pranksters. Once you see the photos, it’ll substantiate my story and this is not some big hoax. I have a SD memory card to prove that I haven’t tampered with the photos. Furthermore, I also have pictures of their spacecraft, and the large circular impression behind my barn showing where the spacecraft landed.”

While Jim was busy explaining all this, he had not heard the quiet movements in the next room. They found the evidence in plain view, and with the wave of their hand created blurry images instead. They did the same for the little SD card.

Okay, if what you’re saying is true, and you can provide satisfactory proof, we’ll give you fifty thousand dollars.”

“It’s a deal,” Mike stated, elated. It was like winning the lottery.

“I sincerely hope this is not some sick joke, because we don’t take this stuff lightly.”

”I’m being perfectly honest, and I’ll be there in less than an hour.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting,” Mike said before hanging up.

Once Jim left, the aliens came out of the shower stall and started poking around. They didn’t understand the purpose of various objects scattered around the house. One of the aliens stepped into the kitchen and stood before the fridge, eyeing it suspiciously. He touched its handle, but nothing happened. Finally after a few failed attempts, he pulled on the handle and the door opened. Curiously, the alien began touching everything. Their sense of smell was acute, and before long he figured how to open jars. He grabbed a jar of relish and looked at it curiously. Its contents were green, his favorite color. Once he pried the lid open, he began sniffing it. It smelled awfully good. With his small reptile-like hand, he scooped out handfuls of the stuff. He loved it and drained its entire contents. Next he opened a jar of mustard, followed by a large container of spicy barbecue sauce, which he liked the least. Jim was not one to stock up on groceries, and kept only a few sauces, deli items, and a case of beer on hand. So it wasn’t long before the alien held a can of beer, and being quite intelligent figured how to pry the lid open. He sniffed it and began drinking mouthfuls of the bitter, but tasty substance. The stuff made him feel good and bubbly inside, and before long he opened the second can and drained its contents. Soon enough, he was on his fourth and final can. Uncontrollably, his head did full rotations. Something was happening to him. He never felt this good inside before. He bounced off the walls, ceiling and floor.

Jim pulled into the parking lot and quickly walked to the front counter. He quickly introduced himself, and asked to see Mike. Mike was anxiously waiting for him. If Jim was telling him the truth, it would mean millions of copies being sold. It could be the big break that they had been waiting for. It had been years since they released an incredulous story.

Mike immediately greeted Jim, not caring to waste a second. He led him into his office. Jim handed over the envelope, while excitedly announcing, “These are the photos along with the memory card.” Mike pulled the photos from the envelope and leafed through each one.

His face grew redder and redder. “Hmm…” He inserted the memory card into his computer and viewed each photo. Each photo was simply a white blur. In none of the photos were there any hints, whatsoever, of aliens or a spaceship. Mike watched as Jim sat opposite to him acting so calmly as if nothing was wrong, he had sounded so sincere on the telephone. The audacity of some people, he thought. Did Jim think that he was just going to hand over big bucks for nothing? It was also possible that Jim was on narcotics. Whatever the reason, Mike had a bad feeling that Jim was up to no good.

Out of fear that Jim may try something else, Mike decided to play a game of his own. Mike quickly announced, “I’m going to show these photos to my superior.  If you will kindly wait here and I’ll be right back.” Jim thought. Mike looked at him strangely on his way out as he walked to another office down the hall and called the police.

Well you can image what transpired once the police arrived. Jim was in a heap of trouble. Jim was stunned and confused and almost at a loss for words. Could it be that Mike was part of a government conspiracy to help cover up the truth. Interestingly Jim stuck to his story, insisting that a spaceship had been present. The police drove to Jim’s house, suspecting that perhaps someone had played a prank on Jim, and Jim fell for it. They also wanted to check out the circular impression left on the ground by the spaceship, which Jim kept mentioning.

Once the police arrived at Jim’s house, they were disgusted by its current state, particularly the kitchen. The floor was littered by cans, jars and their contents. They had to watch their every step, careful not to slip. The walls were also a filthy mess plastered with red, yellow, and green blotchy stains. There were neither signs of aliens nor any signs that a spaceship had landed. The police were livid, feeling that they had been conned and were determined to put an end to Jim’s pranks. Hallowe’en or no Hallowe’en, it was no excuse for an adult’s behavior.

Well I too would have sided with the police, believing Jim’s story to be hogwash, simply trying to draw attention or fame to himself, except for my own experience. Perhaps Jim had seen four little people floating and maybe they were aliens, or maybe Jim mistook them for aliens.



On November 5, 2014 something really incredible happened to me. I’m not even sure where to begin. This is surreal. It is doubtful that anyone will even believe me, but I feel compelled to at least try. I wouldn’t believe it myself had I not captured the evidence on film. Things like this just don’t happen to ordinary run of the mill persons like myself. I probably should be contacting the authorities about this matter. But what if I’ve stumbled upon something I shouldn’t have? It could very well spell out my disappearance. People in the military have far greater power than most people realize. I could end up locked in some rat infested dungeon, given shanty rations of bread and water, until my final days. This is a really big risk that I’m taking.

For some time rumors of an experimental drug with the ability to greatly neutralize the effects of gravity, keeps surfacing. Information explaining this phenomenon keeps appearing on the internet. This supposed drug would make it possible for a human to float upon any surface. Since the coefficient of gravity would be greatly reduced, this would enable one to move at lightning speed. I hope you understand some of the possible ramifications. Well for starters, an army could invade the enemy with few casualties and in record time. In fact the invasion could be so swift that the enemy would not even have a chance to react. Now you may understand how dangerous this information really is. Suppose this new breakthrough is still in the experimental stages. A few years ago rumors started floating that the British and Americans had joined efforts, collaborating to defy gravity, and now it seems that their mission has been successful. Supposedly, they formulated a revolutionary drug to do this. This drug apparently causes the electrons in one’s body cells to spin rapidly, creating a “hyper force” cushioning oneself from the planet. The term “hyperplaning” is attached to this phenomenon. It’s similar to the concept of two magnets with the same polarity facing each other, trying to be squeezed together. The closer the two magnets get, the greater the resistance. Supposedly, they had set up a testing facility somewhere in Wyoming. Keep in mind that they would have to conduct tests on a mammal first to determine any side effects and the correct dosage.

I thought it to be ludicrous myself, until I inadvertently stumbled on a chance encounter. Being a nature lover, I decided that it was a beautiful fall day to snap some photos. I went into my den and pulled out my camera from its case. I turned it on and was about to head outside, when I spotted what I can only describe as a blur zooming across my lawn. In fact, it moved so quickly that I couldn’t discern whether it was real or not. I rubbed my eyes, only to see it once more. Then it zigzagged all over the place. For a second, I thought I had gone mad. Then the blur flashed once more, but this time it came to a screeching halt. I stood dumbfounded. A greyish-brown squirrel now faced me. It looked quite normal, except for one small detail. It levitated a few inches off the ground. It stared right at me. I was fearful at first, wondering if it would attack me. Then it struck me that this was a moment I couldn’t let pass by. I quickly raised the camera and snapped a photo. The squirrel seemed curious for a moment, but then it shot away into oblivion. I was too afraid to step outdoors.

Perhaps Charlie, the name I’ve given to this squirrel, was the government’s guinea pig on “hyperplaning”, and it accidentally escaped. Is it possible that perhaps the government has started experimenting on humans as well, explaining Jim’s sightings? Jim saw the four figures floating about and assumed them to be aliens. But maybe they were human subjects with the ability to float. Now a more sinister thought crossed my mind, what if aliens actually exist and the government has captured some and run tests on them. Maybe the government figured out how they’re able to float and has since tested this theory on animals and perhaps even humans? Pretty scary! Anyway, this is how I believe “hyperplaning” has come to be.

Whatever the explanation, whatever the truth, this is a real dilemma. Do I dare go public? Once I let the cat out of the bag, there will be no turning back. The press will go into a feeding frenzy. I may never be able to go out in public anymore. I may have to distance myself from everyone. People will of course realize that all the gossip circulating is actually true. Then, of course, I could end up a marked man. This is something that could drastically change the world forever. Do I dare be the one to expose the truth? Will I even live to see my next birthday? Too many questions are wreaking havoc with my train of thought. If I remain silent, it will ensure my safety. I’ll I have to do is keep my mouth shut and destroy the SD card in my digital camera. No one will ever know anything, and I will resume a normal life. Then of course, I will feel like a bottled volcano, having to keep this to myself until my last breath. What shall I do?

After considerable deliberation I’ve made my decision. I’m prepared to reveal to the world my new discovery. With no wife or kids to worry about, it makes my decision a lot easier. I will show the whole world the photo and let them decide whether or not they believe it. I will lay low for the next little while. I’m even prepared to head into the bushes, if necessary.

In case you’re wondering, I can assure you that the following picture has not been tampered with in any way. Here’s the evidence, and now I’m going to let you decide whether you believe this to be true or not.



An hour elapses...

“Shoot! This may have been a huge mistake. There’s a helicopter circling above. Darn, it’s a military helicopter and it’s hovering awfully low – it’s only a few hundred yards away, just over the valley. I think it’s landing. I’m sorry – I have to run….”