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       Infinity and His Warriors

Tom ate the last bite of his hamburger. He felt full, ready to burst even if he swallowed another bite. His hefty dinner included an X-large hamburger, a plate of super-size fries and a mega berry milkshake, which still sat half full on the kitchen table. Exhausted and ready to crash in front of the TV, he didn’t even bother to place his dish in the sink. He crashed on the recliner quickly succumbing to its comfort.

The grass blades blew in every direction much like during a windstorm. The spaceship remained airborne several feet above the ground. Waiting for clearance, the spaceship’s control unit beamed its lights searching for possible enemies. Moments later, they were given the green light and began their descent.

Infinity, the Chief Warrior, led his group. They pushed through plants and shrubs, undeterred by prickly branches or thorns in flower beds. Nor were they perturbed by the day’s scorching heat. They continued forward protected by their super thermal powers, which provided resistance to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Infinity waved his group over as he spotted an opening, a light passageway. They fit perfectly underneath, pushing past cobwebs and finally landing on new territory on the other side of the door. Infinity and his team diligently scouted the area, trying to find possible territories to invade.

Infinity’s antennas shot straight up, as he found an area where he could refuel, the kitchen. He and his troops climbed onto the chairs and then jumped onto the table.

“Wow—look at this. We’re going to have a field day,” Although, they spoke in a frequency which was inaudible to humans. Infinity was the first to climb on top of the long cylinder and momentarily hung on top of the edge before sliding straight down into a base filled with bubbles. The others quickly joined in on the fun.

"Yahoo, whewee,” shouts of laughter and excitement could be heard. Repeatedly, they slid down the straw before cascading to the bottom of the glass.

“Yummylicious, so many different types of berries, yummy,” the stocky warrior shouted with laughter. They indulged for quite some time.

The more energy Infinity had, the better able he was to reproduce, reduplicating over and over again. Out of the group, he was the only one with this ability. Full of energy, they bounced about and soon found themselves in a different room in the house.

As Infinity stared straight ahead, he couldn’t believe his luck, “I believe we’ve found our gracious host.”

They jumped on the sofa, hopping onto the recliner, until they climbed on top of a much softer surface, something fleecy soft which appeared slightly springy underfoot. Then they reached different terrain, much smoother, but this was short lived as they felt little prickles of stubble underfoot. Finally inches away, they reached their intended target.

Within seconds they dispersed, each claiming their own individual space, moving up and down between the two rows of white. Some edges proved to be a little more pointy and sharper than the other inclines.

Tom remained restless, but lacked enough strength to get up, still feeling groggy.

"We have him totally surrounded,” announced the second in command. But they were invisible to the naked eye.

"Let’s head out!” Infinity ordered. Impatient and without any real regard to order or rules, they each collided with one another, practically rolling on top of one another.

Tom’s limbs ached; he felt he had been trotted over by a herd of elephants. As he walked outside to his car, he had a funny suspicion that he was being followed, but each time he turned around Tom saw no one lurking within the shadows. Infinity and his troops were keeping a close eye on Tom and began laughing, noting his suspicions of someone being present.

"Hey watch where you’re going. You’re soiling my suit,” hollered one of the warriors.

"As if anyone can see it. Besides you could use a little rolling. Your suit is ready to burst at the seams,” retorted the instigator.

"I’m most proud of my suit. It is most attractive, and my lady friend likes it a whole lot.”

“You two cut it out, we have a job to do,” Infinity rebuked.

They peered around the corner as Tom approached the teller. He didn’t even make it to the front counter before hearing a loud thump, followed by another and another, until no one except he remained standing.

“We did it. We are the Warriors. Hip hip hooray,” yelled the smallest of the bunch.

Tom panicked, seeing everyone drop in front of him. He walked backwards, shocked and confused unsure what to do. As he moved his hand, it accidentally rested on a button which set off the bank’s alarm system.

Tom shielded his head, confused and overwrought with anxiety. If caught, he would be in a heap of trouble, so he quickly had no choice but to flee.

“Gees, things are happening so fast and even better than I could have ever imagined. Let’s follow him. We need to keep Tom out of trouble,” Infinity stated teasingly. They roared in laughter, performing somersaults and acrobats on their way out.

Tom nearly ran over the sprawled figure on the ground near the driver’s side of the car. Being in such a frenzy to leave the bank, he had noticed the other man lying on the passenger’s side. The two men were actually attempting to steal his wheels when they were knocked out cold. Tom drove off in a frenzy. He couldn’t understand why suddenly everyone was toppling over. What is going on?

Infinity and his warriors took a moment to regroup, happy how things were progressing. “Imagine our supreme power if we possessed serious mass. We could then cause an earthquake, sending someone first class into space on the opposite side of the planet,” Infinity joked. His team killed themselves laughing.

Tom opted to go into his office. Perhaps he could gain some perspective. Someone was bound to have answers.

But no sooner had he greeted his co-workers when they too slumped to the floor. Tom’s body started to shake. Fear engulfed him. His hand shook uncontrollably, inadvertently clicking the mouse which sent Sally’s nasty comments of what she thought of her boss to the outbox and on its way to her boss’s inbox. The message was never meant to have been seen by anyone, particularly her boss.

Tom’s mind was numb, and he simply stared out into space. In the meantime, Infinity and his group of warriors took the opportunity to check things out.

"Hey guys, come and see this music box,” announced the youngest of the bunch.

The team gathered around the computer screen enjoying the music and swaying to its jazzy beat. They soon caught onto the song and attempted mimicking the words.

“’Jingle bells, jingle bells, no one can push us away.’” They rolled all over the desk amusing themselves.

Tom mustered enough courage to pull himself together. He quickly left the building. Even the fresh air did not revive him.

“Hello mister, would you mind picking up my cell? I dropped it underneath this lift,” the man cleaning the window asked. Tom bent down to retrieve it, but before he rose he heard a loud thump. Startled, Tom rose hitting his head on the lift, tilting it, and sending the man sprawling over into a foot of mud. Mud spluttered everywhere.

“Ahhaha—look at him! He looks like a mud pie,” yelled one of the warriors.

Tom felt his hair stand on end. He didn’t know what to do and simply ran for his car. His breathing was erratic. He turned on his laptop to see if he had missed something, something which would explain the bizarre happenings. It was at that moment, he got the shock of his life. He stared at his photo, which was plastered on the top of the screen with the caption: ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’. He nearly keeled over.

“Check out Tom. Look at his eyes. They appear just as big as ours,” the second in command stated, laughing. The rest of the team joined in.

Under the current circumstances, Tom couldn’t go home. He needed to think, somewhere quiet, somewhere where he could hide until he figured out a plan. He knew just the place.

He plodded through the forest. Exhausted, Tom then sat on a log with his head hunkered down low. A soft voice called out to him.

“Hi Tom.”

“How do you know my name? Wait—do not approach any closer!”

“Is everything okay?” the lady dressed in a beautiful blue gown asked worriedly.

“I have no idea what’s going on. But I’m in serious trouble. Something bad really happens when people get too close to me. They collapse,” Tom blurted.

Instead of being afraid, Tom noticed the lady continued to walk towards him. “Oh I’m privy to some information. I understand things have become a little hectic for you.”

“That’s an understatement.”

“Tom, I have something for you.” The beautiful lady handed him a silvery vessel. “Drink this now. It will make you feel better.” She held a reassuring look.

Tom gave her a quizzical look.

“Trust me, your problems will soon be over.” For emphasis, she waved her hand which released a multitude of shiny stars which rose higher and higher into the air.

Tom took the potion and drank it, noting its strong mint flavour.

“Ahhhh—we’re being invaded, ahhhhh—” screamed Infinity and his team. This time there was no escaping. Infinity and his warriors were completely destroyed.

Tom woke up, drenched in sweat.


You see, Infinity and his warriors were a strain of bacteria which had invaded Tom’s mouth, then multiplied rapidly, spreading to his entire body. The strain of bacteria was knocking people out, except Tom, which was acting as their host to invade the planet. The bacteria became stronger once Tom exhaled and they became airborne. The tooth fairy gave him a magic potion, which killed all the bacteria, ending Tom’s nightmare.