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    The following poems are all works of fiction. All names, characters, incidents, and places are either the product of the author's/authors' imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, business enterprises, or locales is entirely coincidental.



 Glory to Our Father
Robed in majesty, you’re King of all Kings,
Your kingdom is holiness, and is not about material things.
You’re the supreme power, to that I testify,
Perfect in every way, whereas us humans can only try.
We should be grateful for the most precious gift called life,
Even though at times we endure a lot of strife.
Gentle and loving is what I believe you are,
Although you could obliterate the universe, like it was a paper car.
You’ve given us the freedom to choose between right and wrong,
Everyone should choose wisely and not be headstrong.
I believe you have for each of us a well thought out plan,
And I don’t believe life is complete randomness, in which one kicks the can.
There’s infinite wisdom indicated by your splendid creations,
We should all marvel and offer oblations.
An ethereal beauty is the universe, and that’s my story,
Remember to take time and give thanks to our Father and his glory.
     By: Patrick Argiro © 
 A Tribute to All Mothers
You’re thoughtful, gentle, and kind,
And ever so patient, in case we need to remind.
Available for us, each and every day,
From early morning ‘til the sun’s last ray.
Encouraging words are sent our way,
Giving us confidence and support, so we don’t stray.
Often lending us a helping hand with various chores,
Freeing some time, so we may venture outdoors.
You’ve raised us with such style and poise,
Not to mention all the countless toys.
All the trying years filled with sacrifices you had to endure,
But you had that magic touch, that’s for sure.
Countless lunches and goodies you baked,
Always making everything appear easy, like a piece of cake.
Your compassion and dedication over the years,
Enabled us to face our fears.
You’ve taught us right from wrong,
So we’d follow the righteous path and become strong.
And often you’ve tried a gentler approach,
As not to simply reproach.
Our time spent together,
Has created many special memories which will last forever.
How can we ever thank you,
For everything you do!
You’ve filled us with so much love and glee,  
Hopefully this simply message will convey our love and gratitude to thee.
Last but not least, we’d like to say,
Have a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day! 
     By: Immacolata Argiro and Patrick Argiro © 

Food for Thought
Temptation abounds as your taste buds linger
be careful before you raise a finger
all good things are provided by the Lord
eat what’s permitted to stay on board
be careful of consuming too much fat
or you may suffer a heart attack
fruits and vegetables are the key
eat plenty to remain healthy
sugar and spice and everything nice
overindulgence has its price
berries are good for the brain
a lack may cause your mind to strain
whole grains and nuts each day
milk and cereal and be on your way
fish will help keep you lean
have twice a week with string beans
garlic and onions ward off disease
toss into your salad and set your mind at ease
yogurt keeps the digestive tract in line
eat daily and you’ll be fine
medicinal herbs maintain one’s health
caution of the risks before being stealth
eat healthy proportions and think twice
don’t be tempted by a junk food vice.
    By: Patrick Argiro ©
 The Spirit of Christmas
The power of the Lord is great,
No one else has the power to create.
At his command everything in the universe takes its place,
Countless stars occupy infinite space.
This is a special time of the year,
A time we spend with family and friends to spread some cheer.
Special gifts and toys bring so much joy,
Hearty laughter and Christmas carols—oh boy!
But the true meaning of Christmas is so much more,
It’s the birthdate of Christ our Lord, whom we should all adore!
Born in a manger, he led a simple life,
Possessing infinite power, yet he chose to endure much strife.
He taught us to love by being compassionate and kind,
Healing not only the sick, but also restoring sight to the blind.
Not to mention that one special gift bestowed upon us,
Isn’t life so precious!
But the most cherished gift of all is love, coming deep from within our heart,
All the world’s treasures couldn’t eclipse this part.
So please remember when celebrating Christmas each year,
To celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, by giving glory to the Lord, which is most dear.  
     By: Patrick Argiro ©
The Flame of Remembrance Day
The burning candle in our hearts never fades.
This light knows neither time nor distance.
Voices may continue to echo from every direction.
As we pause in contemplation,
portraits of bright faces light up joyful memories.
Because of those who sacrificed their lives for peace,
we live freely, enjoying our daily lives.
Their spirits continue to live on,
in the sunshine, in the rain and in our prayers.
Once each year Remembrance Day shines ever so brightly
when we keep the memories and the flame alive.
     By: Patrick Argiro © 
 Thanksgiving Day
Every day is a blessing, that much should be plain,
Regardless if the sun is shining, or if it’s pouring rain,
Life is such a precious gift,
Even when you’re down and need a lift,
Don’t let your mind be filled with despair,
So much so that you want to pull out your hair,
Instead take a deep breath and relax,
Rather than grinding your teeth and wielding an axe,
Don’t curse and swear when you don’t get your way,
Instead tame your tongue and learn fair play,
Remember life is a privilege and not a right,
None of us created the earth, stars, or anything in sight,
Stop and consider persons who have a lot less,
When a power surge takes hold of you, believing others are a pawn in your game of chess,
In short, appreciate everything you have and the ones that are dear,
Give special thanks on this Thanksgiving Day and have a blessed year!
      By: Patrick Argiro ©
Who's the Bird Brain?
“Master, master,” I do repeat.
"For all my whims, you quickly jump to your feet."
Master states, “Where have you been to behold such a lovely grin?”
"I’ve been perched on a Manzanite wood sleepin’ in."
I (parrot) thinks:
All you do is toil day after day
You slip into the cold on your way
Hellos and goodbyes you repeat each time you fare through the door
Stop with the idle chit chat, cold drafts are seeping in some more
Traffic delays and chaos everywhere you stray
Meanwhile I’m all comfy, ready to play
You rush, run and are always in a hurry
I look and watch Sylvester who’s all furry
Endless worries fill your mind
While I pick at scrumptious seeds of every kind
Bills and more bills pile up on your table 
While I take pleasure enjoying all the amenities including the TV cable
You hold me in your hands, caress me and play
I roll my eyes and let you have your way
You repeatedly pet my feathers from head to toe
Hey take it easy, I have a reputation—you know!
You taunt me and repeatedly ask, “Polly want a cracker?”
Hey mister give it a break–before I deliver a smacker
I have the life baskin’ in the sun
Meanwhile you’re the dumbbell always on the run
Month after month you coax endlessly, please just let me be     
Now who’s the bird brain, you or me?       
   By: Immacolata Argiro ©
Bird Brain Two
 “Twiddily dee, twiddily doo,
I’m singing this song especially for you!
Twiddily dee, twiddily doo, morning is the best time of the day,
For it is when I begin to play.
With a blink of my eye.I say hello to my favorite guy!
I raise my head into the sky,
Chirping beautiful melodies as he flies by.
While I try to catch his attention,
I take careful notes and must mention…
 I wake up each morning bright and cheery,
While the mister carries on groggy and dreary.
With a couple of sweet chirps, and a shake of my head, I’m beautiful as ever, ready to go,
Yet the mister spends countless hours, washing and brushing, fretting to and fro.
Twiddily dee, twiddily doo, a morning chirp to my fellow friends soon buries any neighborly hatchets,
As the mister fidgets in his home with his countless gadgets.
I live freely, without a single care, even my nasty droppings are of no concern,
Yet the mister jumps from chore to chore, sadly being his turn.
Hey! I share various homes; a maple today, perhaps a birch tomorrow, or a ready-made bird house built especially for me,
Yet the mister is bound solely to one residence, constantly burdened with repairs and nothing for free.
He believes his metal box on wheels is a great invention,
While I can carry on without all the mechanical tension.
A right and then a left turn he makes, but without his GPS, he’s forever lost,
While our species can pin-point our precise location, without a single cost.
Also our sight are as keen as a hawk,
While the mister, without his glasses, can barely see squawk!
The mister considers airplanes a treasured luxury, even though they require pilots and a runway to land,
But look, I soar freely, and require only my two legs to stand,
Countless attempts, it took to perfect the flying bird’s tech and its downward flight,
While I spread my colorful wings, gracefully like a kite.
His car alarm is precious as it protects his wheels,
While I can rest my pretty head, knowing I own nothing for someone to steal.
He works on his computer, checking his constant reminders and his special note,
But mister—Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, what’s the diff, I quote?
His cell phone is his life line as it connects him with his friends and business pals,
But I admire the direct approach as it builds rapport, perhaps acquiring some morals!
Gee—such complicated lives, humans lead,
While us birds have little to fret except our feed.
Quack, Quack, they often mock,
While we take refugee on a far away rock.
We’ve been called many names in the past,
And on intelligence scales, we are often placed last.
Our brains are endlessly ridiculed, compared to only a pea in size,
But somehow us bird brains can survive without trinkets, including clocks to rise!
 “Twiddily dee, twiddily doo,
Happily chirping, a good day to you!”
   By: Immacolata Argiro © 
 If You Were My Valentine
Thinking of you on this special day,
Your beautiful smile lures me your way.
Love is such a beautiful thing,
A romantic message inside a Valentine’s card might make your heart sing.
Scrumptious chocolates are every woman’s delight,
Red roses light up your face, oh what a pretty sight.
Great anticipation of what I will bring,
A bracelet, pendant or perhaps even a diamond ring.
I wish you much sunshine and happiness on this day,
Cupid is quite busy and on his way.
A warm hug and special words to express how I feel,
This will strengthen our relationship like bonds of steel.
A romantic candlelight dinner, not just to flatter,
The two of us in a cozy locale, hoping your heart goes pitter-patter.
After dinner and dessert, we’ll chat enjoying ourselves at this special place,
Some slow dancing, were now face to face.
To top the evening we’ll gaze happily at the stars in the sky,
Perhaps fate will intervene, wishing your name was next to mine as a shooting star whizzes by.
   By: Patrick Argiro ©
My Heart's Desire
To the good Lord I did pray,
For a good woman to look my way.
The body is a sanctuary for life,
My spirit longs for the perfect wife.
Our body is simply a shell for the soul,
Without love, emptiness takes its toll.
Laughter and joy encapsulates my heart,
As her presence exudes happiness from the start.
A good relationship is built on fidelity and trust,
These two values are a must.
Life is a journey that couples share,
The onus is on both to be wholehearted and sincerely care.
There should always be room for a little give and take,
Matrimony is a sacred bond, which should be honored for each other’s sake.
Openness is the key, so let your significant other know what’s on your mind,
This will strengthen the relationship, otherwise it may place each other in a bind.
Inner beauty equals physical attraction,
A lady possessing both brings much satisfaction.
Enlightenment is like a sweet song,
It helps us choose right from wrong.
Finding the right one has been a difficult quest,
Each lady is unique, distinct from all the rest.
The right one is compassionate, gentle and kind,
Being with her is a delight, and the one I have long sought to find.
A cheery attitude I do adore,
For this woman, my heart would open its door.
With a good woman you know what to expect,
For this woman I would have the utmost respect.
In my quest I’m determined to succeed,
That is why I’m taking the lead.
My heart is a flaming fire,
Filled with love, and now ready for the perfect lady to fulfill my heart’s desire.
   By: Patrick Argiro © 
 A Magic Moment
The stars are infinite, beautiful, and bright,
but pale in comparison to your lovely sight.
My heart aches, not having seen you for awhile,
a surge of electricity rushes through me when I see you smile.
Our friendship continues to flourish as we move along,
we snuggle close together and share our first slow song.
My sentiments for you grow stronger with each passing day,
often I think of you when I’m far away.
Fortunately special events bring us closer together,
I sincerely hope our love will last forever
Cherished moments seem to pass so fast,
when we meet I try to make them last.
As weeks and months continue to roll by,
I find I can’t stay away even if I try.
I summon enough courage to present you with an engagement band,
your eyes light up with joy as I place it on your hand.
I kneel and ask the magical question, “Will you marry me?”
“Yes” you replied, sending my anxiety free.
We hug and we kiss,
joy encapsulates me – realizing this is the beginning of much bliss. 
   By: Patrick Argiro ©
 Love Is...
Love is gentle and kind,
Not tormenting, or judging blind.
Love is trusting and giving one the benefit of the doubt,
Not making false accusations and gossiping about.
Love is being patient and giving one time,
Not being rushed over a jingle rhyme.
Love is accepting someone for who they are,
Not to be confused by their type of car.
Love is priceless, without material gain,
Heartfelt, not arrogance or inflicting pain.
Love is respect,
And not something we demand or expect.
Love is lending someone a helping hand,
Not a saboteur trying to grandstand.
Love is forgiveness,
A simply sorry, no less.
Love is giving to those who need it the most,
But done graciously as not to brag or boast.
Love is devotion,
Not just another emotion.
Love is unconditional with no strings attached,
Not something forceful or tightly latched.
Love is sharing,
Regardless of how one’s faring.
Love is everlasting, never fading over the years,
Not something that’s pretentious and disappears with a few tears.
Love is caring about someone’s needs,
Not just being concerned about net proceeds.
Love is honor and how it is bestowed,
And not just pretending to carry one’s load.
Love is mostly about compassion,
Not just  flirtatious or yesterday’s fashion.
Love is understanding, regardless if we agree,
It requires one only to listen and let them simply be.
Love is consideration, perhaps allowing one to choose first,
It is not forced or a heatless burst.
Love is precious, especially to those that are dear,
Not just an emotion driven by fear.
…That’s what love is!
   By: Patrick Argiro and Immacolata Argiro ©
The Proposal
A suitor carefully examines many gems
before selecting that precious one.
With this token he professes his undying love,
then eagerly waits for the perfect moment
before presenting it to his love,
A warm smile takes hold of her in a moment
of anticipation her fingers eagerly untie the ribbon
and lift the lid on the box.
At first glance her heart skips a beat.
A flood of emotions render her limp,
while he gently places it on her finger.
They gaze into each other's eyes,
lost in their own world.
True love radiates brightly into their hearts.
   By: Patrick Argiro © 
A Special Lady
Years ago, a young dove captured my heart,
as our eyes met, I instinctively felt a connection from the start,
it was a magical moment which remains with me,
only time will tell whether it’s meant to be.
Years elapsed and I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore,
bur fate intervened and re-opened this door,
we met several times over the years,
your soft gentle voice soothed my fears.
You move ever so gracefully like a swan,
my heart was broken after learning you had moved on,
I searched for answers to find where I had gone wrong,
it seems only divine intervention could mend this sad song.
I remained desolate trudging along, and did some soul searching from time to time,
to the Lord I did pray for a sign,
in a wonderful dream I envisioned a picture with two bright hearts, your initials next to mine,
could it be an omen that everything will be fine.
Miraculously, I sensed a special telekinetic link has taken hold,
perhaps destiny will bring me a heart of gold,
yet in another reverie, it was late one evening, one month before Christmas Eve,
here you will mysteriously appear, allowing me once more to believe.
We’re seated in a cozy locale, with the tantalizing aroma of coffee lingering in the air,
your black locks dance magically with such flair,
my spirit is overjoyed and my mind is in a swirl,
oh – how I’d love if this time you’d be my brown-eyed girl. 
   By: Patrick Argiro ©
Our Conscience
It’s so obscure and even harder to define,
Yet its taunting echo leaves us walking a fine line,
It helps to shape our lives,
Although it seldom complains or cries,
Questions are placed before its beckoning ears,
It gives us assurance and helps ease our fears,
No one has ever seen it or can prove it does exist,
Yet it has credibility even after we desist,
It never takes breaks or goes on vacation,
However it never tires and is ready with determination,
There are days when our lives are filled with strife,
A wise council it guides us through life,
Our emotions sometimes run high when we are confused and in a bind,
We channel its wisdom to help us diffuse and unwind,
Sometimes it begs us to think twice before acting impulsively,
But our unyielding ways drive us to act compulsively,
This is a delicate balancing act like standing on the surface of a dime,
Perhaps it will be a never ending battle till the end of time,
Yet undoubtedly it lives within us inextricably intertwined,
Finally the conscience speaks some reassuring words  just in the nick of time
   By: Patrick Argiro © 
 Happy Halloween
On Halloween Eve three wicked witches were dressed in long pointy black hats,
Busily hovering over the stove with their favorite black cats.
Happily and merrily they chanted while stirring the pot,
With a quick snatch, an extra sized spider was caught.
Seeing another one dangling in the eldest witch’s straw like hair,
She yanked it out whole, without a single leg tear.
They prided themselves on their looks, especially their long pointy nails,
Smudging charcoal over their faces, they rejoiced with screeching wails.
            “We are pretty as pretty as can be,
             No one is prettier than us three.
             We‘re simply one of a kind,
             A treasure for any man to find.
             If we do not succeed with our glamorous looks,
             Then surely we will be victorious with
             our potion books.”
Garlic powder and onion they dropped into the broth,
Paying no heed if they soiled the table cloth.
Lizards and frogs were mixed into the brew,
Little mice if they managed to snatch a few.
           “Bat wings, frog legs, and mice tails will make this stew gooey and thick,
            We will gobble it all up, and gladly finish it
            off with a lick.”
Riddles and rhymes they chanted endlessly,
As they stood next to the stove, stirring relentlessly.
          “Snickety cats,
           Snickety bats,
           Tonight we will fly high,
           In the moon lit sky.
           Looking forward to creating some fright,
           Halloween is our very special night.”
Then two large triangles were carved into the pumpkin for eyes,
And setting a perfect round nose, the three rejoiced with shrill cries.
But wait! The Jack-o’-lantern is not yet complete,
Until the mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth.
No yucky candies or chocolates for the young,
But a serving of yummy spinach and radish to lavish the tongue.
An upside broom they hung on the wooden door,
Children who’d visit, would shriek from Count Dracula’s roar.
Boys and girls feebly knocked and mumbled trick or treat,
But upon seeing the three wicked witches, quickly fled down the street!
 …Scarecrows and goblins will be flying out this night too,
Be on the look out for any ghosts ready to holler boo!
    Happy Halloween!     
    By: Patrick Argiro and Immacolata Argiro © 
 A Bootiful Fright
Hallowe’en is a ghastly time of the year
It is a day to reckon with fear.
Two eyes, a nose, and a crooked mouth I do see,
Ohhh! A frightful Jack-o- lantern is staring frightfully at me.         
I listen and cower further back into my seat
Perhaps, it’s just children crying out for a treat.
Then a boo here, a boo there,
Suddenly a boo everywhere!
I gaze high into the sky,
And catch three lonely ghosts flying by.
I listen carefully and hear them sing:
    “We are three scary ghosts
   Who fly from the west to east coast.
   Boo, boo, we holler down below,
   Leaving children shaking from head to toe.
   Our friends: witches, goblins, and vampires join in on the cheer
   Ready to increase children’s fear.
   We laugh and rejoice from creating such fright,
   Cause it’s now Halloween night!"
Have a bootiful fright and Happy Hallowe’en!
     By: Immacolata Argiro ©  
It walks in our presence from the day of our conception,
An unwelcome guest it pays close attention.
Time has no relevance, and it remains unwavering in its quest,
Our energy seems bountiful as we are at our best.
Yet it remains steadfast with the knowledge that we’ll eventually concede,
Despite our best efforts and plans to succeed.
Around every corner and each bend,
It craftily anticipates what lies ahead.
Change happens ever so slowly, and keeps us unaware,
We remain adventurous and willing to dare.
Little do we realize how fragile we are and much we should dread,
But it’s only when life takes that final turn for the worst and we lie sick in bed.
It’s at that precipitous moment when we take our last breath,
This is when we finally meet that hideous creature named Death.
   By: Patrick Argiro ©