Thanksgiving Day


Every day is a blessing, that much should be plain,
Regardless if the sun is shining, or if it’s pouring rain,
Life is such a precious gift,
Even when you’re down and need a lift,
Don’t let your mind be filled with despair,
So much so that you want to pull out your hair,
Instead take a deep breath and relax,
Rather than grinding your teeth and wielding an axe,
Don’t curse and swear when you don’t get your way,
Instead tame your tongue and learn fair play,
Remember life is a privilege and not a right,
None of us created the earth, stars, or anything in sight,
Stop and consider persons who have a lot less,
When a power surge takes hold of you, believing others are a pawn in your game of chess,
In short, appreciate everything you have and the ones that are dear,
Give special thanks on this Thanksgiving Day and have a blessed year!


   By: Patrick Argiro ©