A Magic Moment


The stars are infinite, beautiful, and bright,
but pale in comparison to your lovely sight.
My heart aches, not having seen you for awhile,
a surge of electricity rushes through me when I see you smile.

Our friendship continues to flourish as we move along,
we snuggle close together and share our first slow song.
My sentiments for you grow stronger with each passing day,
often I think of you when I’m far away.

Fortunately special events bring us closer together,
I sincerely hope our love will last forever
Cherished moments seem to pass so fast,
when we meet I try to make them last.

As weeks and months continue to roll by,
I find I can’t stay away even if I try.
I summon enough courage to present you with an engagement band,
your eyes light up with joy as I place it on your hand.

I kneel and ask the magical question, “Will you marry me?”
“Yes” you replied, sending my anxiety free.
We hug and we kiss,
joy encapsulates me – realizing this is the beginning of much bliss. 

                       By: Patrick Argiro ©