Bird Brain Two


 “Twiddily dee, twiddily doo,
I’m singing this song especially for you!
Twiddily dee, twiddily doo, morning is the best time of the day,
For it is when I begin to play.
With a blink of my eye.I say hello to my favorite guy!
I raise my head into the sky,
Chirping beautiful melodies as he flies by.
While I try to catch his attention,
I take careful notes and must mention…

 I wake up each morning bright and cheery,
While the mister carries on groggy and dreary.
With a couple of sweet chirps, and a shake of my head, I’m beautiful as ever, ready to go,
Yet the mister spends countless hours, washing and brushing, fretting to and fro.
Twiddily dee, twiddily doo, a morning chirp to my fellow friends soon buries any neighborly hatchets,
As the mister fidgets in his home with his countless gadgets.
I live freely, without a single care, even my nasty droppings are of no concern,
Yet the mister jumps from chore to chore, sadly being his turn.
Hey! I share various homes; a maple today, perhaps a birch tomorrow, or a ready-made bird house built especially for me,
Yet the mister is bound solely to one residence, constantly burdened with repairs and nothing for free.
He believes his metal box on wheels is a great invention,
While I can carry on without all the mechanical tension.
A right and then a left turn he makes, but without his GPS, he’s forever lost,
While our species can pin-point our precise location, without a single cost.
Also our sight are as keen as a hawk,
While the mister, without his glasses, can barely see squawk!
The mister considers airplanes a treasured luxury, even though they require pilots and a runway to land,
But look, I soar freely, and require only my two legs to stand,
Countless attempts, it took to perfect the flying bird’s tech and its downward flight,
While I spread my colorful wings, gracefully like a kite.
His car alarm is precious as it protects his wheels,
While I can rest my pretty head, knowing I own nothing for someone to steal.
He works on his computer, checking his constant reminders and his special note,
But mister—Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, what’s the diff, I quote?
His cell phone is his life line as it connects him with his friends and business pals,
But I admire the direct approach as it builds rapport, perhaps acquiring some morals!
Gee—such complicated lives, humans lead,
While us birds have little to fret except our feed.
Quack, Quack, they often mock,
While we take refugee on a far away rock.
We’ve been called many names in the past,
And on intelligence scales, we are often placed last.
Our brains are endlessly ridiculed, compared to only a pea in size,
But somehow us bird brains can survive without trinkets, including clocks to rise!

 “Twiddily dee, twiddily doo,

Happily chirping, a good day to you!”

       By: Imma Argiro ©