Happy Halloween


On Halloween Eve three wicked witches were dressed in long pointy black hats,
Busily hovering over the stove with their favorite black cats.
Happily and merrily they chanted while stirring the pot,
With a quick snatch, an extra sized spider was caught.
Seeing another one dangling in the eldest witch’s straw like hair,
She yanked it out whole, without a single leg tear.
They prided themselves on their looks, especially their long pointy nails,
Smudging charcoal over their faces, they rejoiced with screeching wails.

            “We are pretty as pretty as can be,
             No one is prettier than us three.
             We‘re simply one of a kind,
             A treasure for any man to find.
             If we do not succeed with our glamorous looks,
             Then surely we will be victorious with
             our potion books.”

Garlic powder and onion they dropped into the broth,
Paying no heed if they soiled the table cloth.
Lizards and frogs were mixed into the brew,
Little mice if they managed to snatch a few.

           “Bat wings, frog legs, and mice tails will make this stew gooey and thick,
            We will gobble it all up, and gladly finish it
            off with a lick.”

Riddles and rhymes they chanted endlessly,
As they stood next to the stove, stirring relentlessly.
          “Snickety cats,
           Snickety bats,
           Tonight we will fly high,
           In the moon lit sky.
           Looking forward to creating some fright,
           Halloween is our very special night.”

Then two large triangles were carved into the pumpkin for eyes,
And setting a perfect round nose, the three rejoiced with shrill cries.
But wait! The Jack-o’-lantern is not yet complete,
Until the mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth.
No yucky candies or chocolates for the young,
But a serving of yummy spinach and radish to lavish the tongue.
An upside broom they hung on the wooden door,
Children who’d visit, would shriek from Count Dracula’s roar.
Boys and girls feebly knocked and mumbled trick or treat,
But upon seeing the three wicked witches, quickly fled down the street!

 …Scarecrows and goblins will be flying out this night too,
Be on the look out for any ghosts ready to holler boo!

    Happy Halloween!     

    By: Patrick Argiro and Immacolata Argiro ©