Murder Mystery EBook Trilogy
Mind Duels: Excerpts Book 1 (Ages 13+)



They made a quick break for the hill. Rain pelted down against their fatigued bodies. It was difficult for them to breathe against the heavy rainfall, suffocating the air supply from within them. An officer tried offering them umbrellas, but the gale winds created havoc with them. The incline was slick and treacherous causing them to slide, but some force guided them safely to the hill’s peak. Another greater peril was now in their midst, and ultimately fate would play out its hand. Their lives were in real jeopardy and the enemy literally unstoppable. They could only run as there was nowhere to hide. Haphazardly, they navigated their way blindly relying mostly on instinct. The sky became brightly illuminated by a multitude of lightning flashes followed by deafening bolts of thunder. Fearing the worst, they quickened their pace hoping to avert a possible tragedy. They had lost sight of one another, but no one dared to look back. A dark eerie silence followed.


He slipped on a pair of plastic gloves before drawing the sharp butcher knife from the wooden block. “Chester, we’re ready to begin,” he calmly announced to his cat who sat on a stool next to the table. Her body lay limp as her arms and legs were securely tied to the table, restricting her blood flow. She couldn’t cry for help as a cloth was wrapped tightly around her mouth preventing any audible sounds from escaping her. He drew the knife along the length of her throat and watched her eyes widen with fear. “Don’t worry soon you’ll be cleansed of all your earthly sins. Then my dear, you can rest eternally in peace,” he smiled hedonistically. He held the knife in mid-air and twirled it haphazardly over her body. She cringed and desperately tried to free herself, but to no avail. The killer grew excited watching her struggle and felt a surge of adrenaline sweep throughout his body. He watched as tears rolled down her cheeks, streaking her terror stricken face. Chester purred as if giving the signal for the ritual to begin.



An hour elapsed before Elaine was strapped to the stretcher. It took a team of four men to haul her up the lengthy staircase and just as they were about to carry the body outside, the front door opened, unexpectedly. Everyone stood motionless realizing their blunder. Elaine’s mother had returned from the coffee shop and her puzzled expression turned to one of horror. “Oh no!” her hands covered her mouth. “No, not my baby, please not my baby!” She rushed over to them. A mother’s worst nightmare had been realized. Her wails riveted through the air piercing everyone’s hearts. Steve tried in vain to comfort her.
     “Please Mrs. Cooper….” 
     “I want to stay with my daughter, my poor, poor baby.”



After fastening his seatbelt, Jack reached inside his shirt pocket for his chewing gum; he hated when his ears popped. “Buckle up; we are ready for take off.” Jackie smirked at his humorous imitation.
     Just at the last minute, two tall rather well dressed men boarded the plane and looked around suspiciously. They approached one of the stewardesses. From his seat Jack could see them flashing their badges. Were they looking for someone, thought Jack? Or perhaps, just maybe, there was something wrong with the aircraft. Jack didn’t even want to think that their flight might be cancelled. They continued to walk down the aisle. Jack became increasingly restless.
     “Well someone is certainly in trouble,” Jack surmised. Ironically, they stopped right in front of them.
     “Miss Jackie Stolths?” the older gentleman with light gray hair asked in a firm tone.