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   Mind Duels Trilogy
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 A saga of murder and intrigue ...

A ruthless killer takes Somerset, New Jersey by storm. Cleverly outwitting a team of elite investigators and leaving everyone on edge. Ages 13+. Mind Duels a murder mystery trilogy is now available on Kobo, Apple iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Baker and Taylor, Copia, eSentral, Scribd, Goodreads, Oyster and Flipkart. All three ebooks are only $0.99 US each (Note: doesn't include any applicable taxes). Mind Duels is book 1, followed by Mind Duels-Breaking Point, and the finale is Mind Duels-Illumination. To read "Mind Duels Chapters 1-4" follow the link to the left.



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Read Chapter 1 of Mind Duels:(A murder mystery trilogy
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