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   It's not that often that siblings get together to write a book. Even more extraordinary is the fact that the book is actually finding a growing marketplace. Patrick and Imma, although siblings, have been blessed with the unique ability of being able to work together harmoniously. Throughout their lives, these two have always been close, even to the point of knowing what the other is thinking before anything has been said. Their coalescence has developed into a partnership that has brought about the first of three books in a wonderful trilogy of murder, investigation and revenge. Here are their stories.

   Imma Argiro’s Biography:

   I grew up in a small rural town on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. I immediately fell in love with the country setting, admiring the vastness of open space. Not surprisingly, a lot of my leisure time as a child was spent outdoors. Next to my great love for the outdoors were sitting and watching TV, and listening to my mother’s storytelling. Reflecting back, my mother’s storytelling may have indirectly influenced me to become a writer.

   It was not until I decided to pursue my post-graduate studies that reading became one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years I have enjoyed reading a vast collection of literary works, including some of the greatest classical writers to some of today’s bestsellers. Mind Duels is my first trilogy and I’ve enjoyed co-authoring it with my brother, Patrick. I look forward to writing our next novel.

   I also have a great fondness for pets, skating, listening to a variety of music, and simply relaxing with friends.

    Patrick Argiro’s Biography:

   I have lived just outside of Toronto, Ontario most of my life and as a young child grew fond of the open space. The country setting was enjoyable with wildlife literally living in our backyard. I always enjoyed spending time outdoors and often went hiking and biking. Television has appealed to me throughout my life, especially mystery and adventures such as Alfred Hitchcock and Swiss Family Robinson.  Over the years I have enjoyed Stephen King’s novels and two of my favorites are Pet Sematary and Salem’s Lot.

   After graduating, I spent most of my time managing my own business while taking time to unwind by either watching the sports channel, a movie, or playing tennis. The big screen has always fascinated me and recently I decided to pool my creative efforts with my sister, Imma. For the past three years I’ve co-written Book 1 of a trilogy, titled Mind Duels.