A Special Lady


Years ago, a young dove captured my heart,
as our eyes met, I instinctively felt a connection from the start,
it was a magical moment which remains with me,
only time will tell whether it’s meant to be.

Years elapsed and I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore,
bur fate intervened and re-opened this door,
we met several times over the years,
your soft gentle voice soothed my fears.

You move ever so gracefully like a swan,
my heart was broken after learning you had moved on,
I searched for answers to find where I had gone wrong,
it seems only divine intervention could mend this sad song.

I remained desolate trudging along, and did some soul searching from time to time,
to the Lord I did pray for a sign,
in a wonderful dream I envisioned a picture with two bright hearts, your initials next to mine,
could it be an omen that everything will be fine.

Miraculously, I sensed a special telekinetic link has taken hold,
perhaps destiny will bring me a heart of gold,
yet in another reverie, it was late one evening, one month before Christmas Eve,
here you will mysteriously appear, allowing me once more to believe.

We’re seated in a cozy locale, with the tantalizing aroma of coffee lingering in the air,
your black locks dance magically with such flair,
my spirit is overjoyed and my mind is in a swirl,
oh – how I’d love if this time you’d be my brown-eyed girl. 

     By: Patrick Argiro ©