It walks in our presence from the day of our conception,
An unwelcome guest it pays close attention.
Time has no relevance, and it remains unwavering in its quest,
Our energy seems bountiful as we are at our best.
Yet it remains steadfast with the knowledge that we’ll eventually concede,
Despite our best efforts and plans to succeed.
Around every corner and each bend,
It craftily anticipates what lies ahead.
Change happens ever so slowly, and keeps us unaware,
We remain adventurous and willing to dare.
Little do we realize how fragile we are and much we should dread,
But it’s only when life takes that final turn for the worst and we lie sick in bed.
It’s at that precipitous moment when we take our last breath,
This is when we finally meet that hideous creature named Death.

   By: Patrick Argiro ©