murder mystery ebook trilogy
Murder Mystery Ebook Trilogy
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Mind Duels (Book 1)

 Recommended for 13 years +.

"A ruthless killer lurks within the shadows of Somerset, New Jersey, elusively masterminding his every step, persistently taunting Chief Williams and his elite investigative team.  Angry over the loss of his close friend Dianne, the Chief promises her husband, Dr. Summers, that he'll avenge her death.

Jack Trempton has barely recovered from the loss of Dianne, a high school flame, only to discover his girlfriend Jackie Stolths, harbors a dark secret.

Suspect Charles Staples performs a daring escape and the Chief receives another threatening letter."

                              ..... the killings continue

Mind Duels, Breaking Point (Book 2)

Recommended for 13 years +.

"Gruesome findings stir outrage in Somerset, New Jersey.  The killer's new tactics include playing a vicious game of cat and mouse.  Chief Williams is at wits end.

Jack is forced to make a critical decision, which involves a great deal of risk and could undoubtedly change his life forever.  Whereas Jackie's world has become inextricably complex, and it will take an absolute miracle to get it back on track."

                      ... the truth awaits

Mind Duels, Illumination (Book 3)

Recommended for 13 years and up.

Bang .... bang .... bang .... bang ....

Time is ticking.  Jackie paces nervously, confined to the panic room, unsure of her next move.  Jack's fate seems sealed as he lies helpless, bleeding profusely.

The killer surprises everyone.  Single handedly he outwits the Investigative Team and every officer on his trail.

Chief Williams shifts gears and formulates a new strategy, promising to flush out the killer.

                   .... the diabolical plan unfolds